The department
for Transport and Road
of Moscow


Please accept our apologies: at the moment all of our videos are in Russian only. But consider watching anyway – they’re informative and fun!

A short video about how the Troika card works and how it will evolve in the future. In Russian!

A romantic little clip to show how Troika can save you time for the things that really matter in life. In Russian!

A short video explaining how to add funds to – or “top up” – your Troika card. In Russian!

Video clip describing the new ticketing system on public transit in Moscow. In Russian!

Video clip on the new 90 Minute ticket, which is good for one ride on the Metro and an unlimited number of rides on surface transport within 90 minutes. In Russian!

Video clip on the city-wide game “Your key to the city.” In Russian!

Video clip on how the Troika card is better for the environment than paper tickets. In Russian!


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