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You can now add suburban rail passes to your Troika card

You can now add suburban rail passes to your Troika card

You can now add suburban rail passes to your Troika card

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Starting September 20, 2013 you can add suburban rail passes to your Troika card at suburban rail (elektrichka) stations and at Moscow railroad stations.

You can add the following rail passes to your Troika card: daily, “Greater Moscow” («Большая Москва»), workday, weekend, one-trip tickets, etc.

First deputy head of the Moscow Department of Transport Yevgeny Mikhailov commented, “As of today suburban rail passengers will be able to add rail passes to their Troika cards. Also, suburban rail passes can be combined with travel passes on Moscow public transport. This is especially convenient for commuters who travel to work in the city from the suburbs. Now they have no need to shuffle among different paper tickets.”

Passengers can add rail passes to their Troika cards at all all suburban rail stops and train stations of Moscow and Moscow region. You can buy a Troika card at the following suburban rail stations: Kazanskiy vokzal, Elektrozavodskaya, Novaya, Vykhino, Yaroslavskoye: Yaroslavskiy vokzal, Kurskiy vokzal, Kalanchevskaya, Tekstil’shchiki, Tsaritsyno, Serp i Molot, Novogireyevo, Kievskiy vokzal, Moskva-Paveletskaya, Nizhnie kotly, Kolomenskaya, Rizhskiy vokzal, Tushino, Belorusskiy vokzal, Begovaya, Fili, Kuntsevo, Saveleovskiy vokzal, Timiryazevskaya.

To add rail passes to Troika cards purchased before September 20, 2013, passengers need to update their cards at the self-service terminals in the Metro (terminals on the following Metro stations will not update the Troika card: Akademicjheskaya, Begovaya, Vodny Stadion, Vystavochnaya, Kaluzhskaya, Krylatskoe, Leninsky prospect, Park Kultury ring and radial stations, Trubnaya, Chistye Prudy). Updates occur automatically when you top up your card with any sum. The following message will appear on screen at the end of operation: “Your card has been updated automatically. You can now use the latest transport services. Details at”

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