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The Pyatyorka card available to first-year students this November

The Pyatyorka card available to first-year students this November

The Pyatyorka card available to first-year students this November

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The Moscow Department of Transport was commissioned by mayor Sergei Sobyanin to create the Pyatoyorka transport card – «pyatyorka» means “five” in Russian – for first-year students. The cards were distributed at Moscow institutions of higher education in October for use in November.

The Pyatyorka card allows the cardholders freely use city public transport during November 2013. Passengers must produce their first-year student cards in case their tickets are checked.

Deputy mayor and head of the Moscow Department of Transport Maksim Liksutov commented: “The Pyatyorka electronic card is not just a gift but a message to first-year students from Moscow city government. We want to wish them success and hard work during the year, and give them a chance to see for themselves the advantages of the electronic transport card. For both the students and the cards there are wide new possibilities opening!”

From December 1st the Pyatyorka card will work like a typical Troika transport card, a modern carrier for all forms of tickets.

Troika works just as well for single rides on the Metro and surface transport as it does for permanent transport passes. It’s now possible to add any paper ticket from the current fare menu and any suburban rail pass to the card. Passengers only need to choose the best pass or ticket for them and go to the proper ticket office.

Passengers have evaluated the convenience of Troika. From September 20th to October 28th more than 135,000 cards were sold. And since its start more than 635,000 cards have been sold. The Troika card gets validated more than 450,000 times a day.