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Passengers can now add Unified, 90 Minute, and TAT tickets to Troika card

Passengers can now add Unified, 90 Minute, and TAT tickets to Troika card

Passengers can now add Unified, 90 Minute, and TAT tickets to Troika card

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Starting September 20, 2013 passengers can add any paper ticket to their Troika card, including the Unified, 90 Minute and TAT tickets. Passengers can now keep all of their tickets on one handy mechanism and use Troika like their old tickets.

Start by choosing the best fare for you: Unified, 90 Minute, or TAT, all from 1 to 60 rides, or a travel pass for 30, 90, or 365 days.

Then add the tickets to your Troika card at Metro ticket offices (for Unified and 90 Minute tickets) and automated Mosgortrans ticket kiosks (for TAT, Unified, and 90 Minute tickets).

In order to add TAT tickets, please update your Troika card at a Metro station automated terminal* (terminals on the following Metro stations will not update the Troika card: Akademicjheskaya, Begovaya, Vodny Stadion, Vystavochnaya, Kaluzhskaya, Krylatskoe, Leninsky prospect, Park Kultury ring and radial stations, Trubnaya, Chistye Prudy). Updates occur automatically when you top up your card with any sum. The following message will appear on screen at the end of operation: “Your card has been updated automatically. You can now use the latest transport services. Details at”

To add any of the other tickets to Troika, no update is needed.

Although you can technically add several different tickets to your Troika card at the same time, it might not always be advisable. We’ve worked out a few recommendations when adding multiple tickets to your Troika:

  • After adding one of the paper ticket fares to Troika, you will not be able to use Troika’s base rates (28 rub. for Metro, 26 rub. for TAT, and 44 rub. for 90 Minute) until after the added ticket expires or is used up.

Tickets added to Troika (i.e. Unified, TAT, 90 Minute) will always be debited first from your Troika card! After you’ve used the ticket’s allotted rides or the ticket has expired, you may use Troika’s base rates if you have adequate funds on the card. Troika’s base rate is 28 rub. for Metro, 26 rub. for TAT, or 44 rub. for a 90-minute trip.

The card has a precise mechanism for counting rides. If you’ve added both Unified and TAT tickets to your Troika, surface transport will always check first to see if you can be debited for TAT, and in the Metro you will debited first according to the Unified rates.

If you’ve only added the Unified ticket to your Troika card, you will always be charged according to the Unified rates on Metro and surface transport as long as you have rides left and as long as the ticket has not expired. After expiration you will be charged according to Troika’s basic rates.

  • The 90 Minute ticket cannot be combined with Unified or TAT on Troika!

This is because on the Metro and on surface transport your card will always be charged first according to TAT and Unified rates while the 90 Minute rate will only be debited as a second priority. In other words, it will be cancelled out by the other tickets. The same thing will happen to Troika’s basic 90-minute rate of 44 rub if you also have a Unified or TAT ticket on your card.

Therefore, only add the 90 Minute ticket to your Troika card if you are sure that your regular commute does in fact consist of several connections on public transport, and make sure not to add Unified or TAT!

You can always check the expiration date or the number or rides remaining on any tickets you’ve added to your Troika card at any of the yellow infoterminals in the Metro. They are also the place to check your regular Troika card balance. Just place your card next to the circle and await the information that will appear on screen.

To check the number of TAT rides left on your Troika card, simply check the validator as you enter the tram, bus, or trolleybus. It will display the number of remaining rides.

* If the Troika card was purchased before September 20, 2013 than it will need to be updated.

More information is available in section FAQ.