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No Fare Increases on Troika in the New Year

No Fare Increases on Troika in the New Year

No Fare Increases on Troika in the New Year

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         Fares on the Troika card will remain the same for 2014. Single trips on the Metro and on surface transport will continue to cost 28 and 26 rubles, respectively, and 44 rubles for the 90 Minute ticket. Despite inflation over the years 2011-2013, the cost of single rides has remained unchanged and will remain the same for all of 2014 for rides using Troika.

         The cost for individual trips on multi-ride tickets and on Troika has remained the same thanks to incremental increases in the cost of Unified tickets and one- and two-ride TAT tickets, as well as the expected cost reduction due to the decline of one-time paper tickets and the rise of infrequent passengers using Troika cards. The decrease in one-ride tickets will also reduce lines at Metro ticket windows and save money on the printing of paper tickets.

         Thus the price changes only concern one- and two-ride Unified paper tickets – which now cost 40 and 80 rubles respectively – and one- and two-ride TAT tickets which will cost 30 and 60 rubles each. Also, the cost of single rides on grey “A” bus tickets for long-distance trips (greater than 15 km) in Greater Moscow will rise from 45 to 50 rubles. The rounding up of price will greatly simplify the ticket purchasing process from the driver and reduce lines, thus allowing for faster travel between bus stops and greater punctuality.

         Residents of zone B (Troitsk and Zelenograd administrative districts) are now invited to use the Troika card for all their public transportation needs, including bus tickets. Troika can be used at all hours of the day and does not require searching for a ticket window.