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Moscow Metro commuter parking lots

For the convenience of car owners, the Moscow Metro is pleased to announce the creation of commuter parking lots at several Metro stations. The advantages:

  • Avoid traffic jams
  • Avoid the search for parking in the center
  • Parking is free if you use the Metro
  • You can use the Unified or 90 Minute ticket, the Troika card, or the Moscow residents’ social card

  • The commuter parking lots are located at Metro stations: Slavyanskiy bul’var, Strogino, Volokolamskaya, Ziablikovo, Shipilovskaya, Bul’var Dmitriya Donskogo, Vykhino, Krasnogvardeiskaya. The full list of 16 parking lots and their locations can be found at

    Use the infographic to get acquainted with the Metro commuter parking lot rules.


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