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Why the 90 minute ticket?

The 90 Minute ticket allows a single ride on the Metro or monorail plus an unlimited number of transfers (touch-ins) to trolleybus, bus, or trams. You have 90 minutes to complete all the touch-ins, but your actual journey can last longer. Tickets for 5-60 rides are valid for 90 days.

When adding tickets to Troika it’s important to keep in mind that you cannot combine a 90 Minute ticket on your card with Unified or TAT tickets although technically it is possible. Adding a Unified or TAT ticket to your Troika eliminates using 90 Minute fare on the card, including the 44-ruble base fare. Details…


25-40% saved on journeys using the Metro plus a form of surface transport (as compared to Unified (Yediniy) tickets)
10-40% saved, depending on the number of journeys: the more you buy, the more you save (as compared to a one-ride 90 Minute ticket)
90+ Remember, although your last touch-in must be within the 90-minute period, your actual travel time may be longer – enough for all your travel around Moscow
troika90 only 44 rub on the Troika card!
90 Minute ticket allows a single ride on the Metro plus an unlimited number of touch-ins on surface transport within a 90-minute period.
Number of rides Price,
Price of a single 90 minute ride,
Money saved:1
with 1 transfer with 2 transfers
1 502 502 10 40
2 100 50 10 40
5 220 44 16 46
11 450 41 13 40
20 750 38 12 37
40 1500 38 12 37
60 1800 30 10 30

1 — As compared to the Unified ticket price for the same number of rides.

2 — 44 RUB on Troika card.


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