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Where to buy and top-up your Troika card?

You can buy a Troika card at any Metro ticket office and automated Mosgortrans ticket kiosks. You can top it up at Metro ticket windows, Metro vending machines and automated Mosgortrans ticket kiosks. In 2014 you will be able to top up your Troika card via web site, mobile application, by SMS or at payment terminals and ATMs.

You can also add 'Unified (Yediniy)' and '90 minute' tickets to your Troika card at Metro ticket offices and automated Mosgortrans ticket kiosks; ‘TAT' and ‘A’ tickets at the automated Mosgortrans ticket kiosks; and suburban rail passes at the at suburban rail stations of the Moscow region.

Use the interactive map below to find out where to buy and top up your Troika card.


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