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Troika transport application

The Troika application is a special program that allows using Troika card rates on plastic payment cards and other digital carriers within partner projects with the Moscow Metro.

As of today the Troika transport app is available to holders of the Universal Electronic Card (UEC) issued after April 1, 2013. (Note: this card is only available to the citizens of the Russian Federation).

Activating the Troika app on the UEC does not require any extra steps – it’s already active. To use the UEC as a transport pass, one just need to keep a positive balance of the Troika transport app on their UEC. Simply add any funds to your card at Metro ticket office or ticket machines. During every pass through a turnstile in the Moscow Metro or surface transport, the app will write fixed rate off from your UEC: one Metro trip – 28 rubles, trolleybus-bus-tram (TAT) – 26 rubles, 90-Minute trip – 44 rubles.

Besides you can add the following tickets to the Troika transport app on your card:
Unified and 90 Minute tickets of 1-60 trips or 1, 30, 90 or 365 days;
Suburban rail passes at any ticket office in the suburban rail system and at railway stations in Moscow and Moscow region.

Adding and using tickets on the Troika transport app operates the same way as on the Troika card. One doesn’t need to update one’s UEC to add suburban passes to it.

Moscow region Universal Electronic Card (UEC) does not support the Troika transport app and cannot be used on public transport in the city of Moscow.

The transport app is currently being developed for adding Mosgortrans tickets (TAT). In the future the Troika transport app will have all the features of the Troika card and will be available on various carriers, including those issued by banks, cellular companies, and other Moscow Metro partners.


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